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London Basin Atlas

The London Basin Atlas

The concept for this Atlas arose from the Glossop Lecture delivered by Michael de Freitas in November 2009 (Geology; its principles, practice and potential for geotechnics. Quart Jourl. Engineering Geology. v42, 397-441). The Atlas will be an electronic document that collates and describes the geological materials of London and their structure, and the implications of these for engineering in, on and with the ground. It will augment site specific ground investigation by enabling site specific data to be calibrated against it and put into the perspective of a wider background that has been more fully researched. In doing this it enables unknowns not otherwise recognised on site and resulting risks to be managed in ways that were not possible before.

It is proposed that the Atlas will be managed by the London Basin Atlas Company and wholly owned by the Geological Society of London. The project is on-going.

The Drivers are those members of the Insurance industry who require their clients to calibrate the ground model derived from their site specific ground investigation against the larger picture provided for the area by the Atlas.

The Purchasers are the clients seeking insurance. These would include the financial institutions providing the funds for the work, the clients who will own the work, those contracted to design the work and those who construct the work.

The Shareholders are those who fund the creation of the London Basin Atlas Company and who will receive dividends from its income.

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