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First Steps Business Mentor

Career develpoment

First Steps Business Mentor is for all those with interests in ground related disciplines – the “Geo’s”. These include those in the main stream subjects e.g. geology, geography and hydrology, with groundwater, mineral, petroleum and geothermal resources etc, and those at the interfaces, e.g. agriculture, landscape, planning and regulation, construction, and any form of anthropogenic work in the ground itself.

If you are a “Geo” First Steps Business Mentor will help you develop an income based on your knowledge and experience, either part time or full time.

First Steps Business Mentor provides help those who wish to reduce the vulnerability of their employment to the movement of market forces.

First Steps Business Mentor will help those who wish to use their knowledge and experience to generate a second income.

First Steps Business Mentor will help those who wish to establish themselves as self employed.

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