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Neighbourhood Geological Services

Neighbourhood Geological Services

This service arose with requests from local communities to help them develop formal alternatives for projects seeking Planning Permission from Borough Councils, when these involved subterranean work. It has since grown to cover the provision of technical advice that should be included in criteria used for makingĀ  local decisions at Council level on proposals involving subterranean work.

We help by providing reports that are;

  • factual,
  • technical and
  • independent;
  • that are neither political nor partisan,
  • that provide a technical interface between technical and non-technical communities.

How does it work? The initial advice given by First Steps will be free from cost to help identify the technical issues of a particular problem and the sort of technical help that will be needed. What happens there after may not be free and professional services that may be recommended will invariably require payment.

Please contact us on 0207 736 6889 or email us on office (at)

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