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Face to Face Courses

Face to face courses are provided when interactive skills need to be learned; typical examples of courses provided for this purpose are:

 -The description and logging of rocks and soils.

 -The interpretation of geological maps for geotechnical, hydro-geological and environmental purposes.

 -Field mapping and walk-over surveys for geotechnical work.

 -Construction and use of flow nets.

 -Air photo interpretation for ground engineering

 Below are the courses for which arrangements have currently been made. Go to the Calendar, Click on Course of interest to reveal details of location, time and any special requirements, and book.

Face to Face courses can be given In House if that provides an economic alternative to the normal arrangements.

The advantages of In House training are many;

  • Staff remain in place; costs of their travel and accommodation are avoided
  • The course can be tailored to particular staff needs
  • Economy of numbers is gained.

E-Learning courses can be supplemented by in-House tutorial sessions when this becomes an appropriate way of training groups of staff – especially if staff originate from different disciplines (engineering, earth science, environmental etc).

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