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Post Graduate Award

The Geotechnical Industries Post-Graduate Award has been designed to help those seeking a post-graduate qualification in ground engineering that will be approved by employers.

It can be completed by course work at work, using examples from your work whilst employed, and supplemented by personal studies where necessary.

First Steps will help you where you need to fill a gap by offering tutorials and course work to acquire knowledge you have not had an opportunity to gain whilst at work. The areas where we can help are shown in the attached pdf where they are referred to as Teaching Components.

The Award requires you to produce a file of work that cover the six Core Skills (Field work, Office based desk study skills, Basic mechanics for rocks and soils, Basic soil mechanics, Basic rock mechanics and Groundwater) and four Electives. All the Short Courses provided by First Steps can be used in partial completion of the requirements for the Award.

To obtain your Award you have to defend your file by interview before two senior engineers from the industry.

To learn more click here and to register contact Office (at) or phone 0207 736 6889

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